Like a treasure hunter carefully acquiring historical artifacts by leaving a bunch of corpses in his wake, the adaptation of popular video game series Uncharted has discarded several writers, directors, and potential stars in its rocky road to the screen. And now Seth Gordon has joined that lineage, hoping to pick up where other filmmakers like David O. Russell left off in the bid to turn the game’s rollicking, Indiana Jones knock-off thrills into a movie that is also a rollicking, Indiana Jones knock-off, all while hoping you don't end up with, say, Sahara. Deadline calls Gordon’s attachment a return “to his origins,” since he started out with the documentary The King Of Kong and that was about a video game, and also constantly finding clever ways to link filmmakers to projects is hard.

Since then, he’s mostly concerned himself with comedic semi-adventures like Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief, which at least bodes well for retaining protagonist Nathan Drake’s wry, wisecracking attitude about murder. The hunt is now once again on for someone to play Drake who probably isn’t Nathan Fillion, seeing as he was already deemed too old for the part when he originally campaigned, and that was nearly four long years ago.