After years of pushing Hollywood's leftist agenda by indoctrinating children with the socialist philosophies of sharing, normalizing homosexuality, and fostering relationships with nations known to harbor terrorists, Sesame Street will see the favor returned with another full-length Hollywood movie—its first since 1999's The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland critiqued capitalism through the vilification of nap creating (or "blanket stealing," as they called it). The specifics of the film's propaganda have yet to be revealed, though the participation of the Sesame Workshop in a producer capacity and longtime show writer Joey Mazzarino suggest that it will maintain the same seamlessly insidious approach to couching them in seemingly innocuous puppet capers—much as the recent Muppets movie singlehandedly turned an entire generation of kids against oil companies, who only want to love them and keep them warm.

The presence of populist movie producer Shawn Levy and Fox as a backing studio should provide a similar smokescreen to whatever brainwashing is in store this time around. For instance, "R White House Muppets, 'BO & MO', going to do Campaign Propaganda Cameo roles in this new Film?" asks just one of the many actual people who actually think these sorts of things on this Hollywood Reporter article, which offers a precursor to what you can expect once Sesame Street actually hits theaters.