(Photo: Jojo Whilden/Netflix)

Sesame Street is no stranger to adapting adult properties for kids at this point, offering up everything from the classic “30 Rocks” to the ”Who is this for?” weirdness of the Kurt Sutter-inspired “Sons Of Poetry.” Now, it’s ventured into the world of Netflix prestige TV, with the HBO-funded series offering up the nutrition-themed “Orange Is The New Snack”.

The strangest thing about the short is how far out of its way it goes to hit the plot beats of an early Orange Is The New Black episode, transplanting “Piper Snackman” into her new “school,” Litchfield Academy. Pornstache is now “Mr. Moustache,” Crazy Eyes is “Googly Eyes,” and the SHU is…Well, you can probably guess. The goal, presumably, is to make parents laugh while their kids learn about the nutritious benefits of citrus, although we’re not sure how much toddlers are going to respond to the bit where a Morello impersonator calls an orange “Christopher” and dresses him in a little wedding tux.


[via Deadline]