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Sesame Street characters attempt iconic one-liners from throughout film history

Screenshot: Vanity Fair/YouTube

Watching cute things say explicit things is a trope that’s pretty much run its course at this point, so it’s a relief to say that this Vanity Fair video of Sesame Street characters quoting famous films doesn’t include anything from Reservoir Dogs. Rather, Big Bird, Elmo, and Grover (and a bunch of muppets you’ve probably never heard of if you’re over 25 and don’t have kids) keep it clean, quoting iconic one-liners from movies that run the gamut from 1931’s Frankenstein to 2011’s The Help.

That said, Poltergeist, A Few Good Men, and Dead Poets Society make an appearance (the latter of which in a hilariously lazy turn by Big Bird), and it’s fun to hear Elmo attribute “I’ll be back” to Arnold Schwarzenegger as if that’s not common knowledge (granted, that’s not common knowledge to the target demographic, but I digress).


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