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Illustration for article titled emSesame Street/em adding a new, indigent Muppet to teach kids about the poor

Because it’s never too early to learn how economic disparity will eventually crush all of your dreams, Sesame Street will introduce a new, poor Muppet, one whose struggles to keep her family fed will form the basis of a one-hour special airing Oct. 9. That poverty-stricken newcomer, named Lily (as in Lily-White Hand Of The One-Percent Strangling The Middle Class, Y’All), will educate Elmo et al. about the millions of families who go hungry in America, a problem the denizens of Sesame Street will do their part to combat by organizing a food drive and then also talking to country music star Brad Paisley and his wife for some reason. Lily’s addition to the cast seems especially well-timed for the ongoing “#OccupySesameStreet” parody—even though corporate greed is not a joke, everyone [sharp inhalation].


Though, of course, other than the bloodsucking Count fetishizing cold, hard numbers up in his gothic mansion, most of the characters on Sesame Street aren’t exactly doing so great already: the totally platonic Bert and Ernie being forced to shack up together for four decades to the detriment of all other relationships, Cookie Monster’s obvious malnutrition and tendency to binge-eat, Big Bird’s squatter's nest, etc. Perhaps Lily’s arrival will finally draw some attention to their plight, and at last offer a welcome contrast to Oscar The Grouch’s obvious cheating of the welfare system, considering his trash can apparently holds a swimming pool, ice rink, bowling alley, and all the other stuff that he’s unfairly hoarded over the years. Just hanging out down there with Grundgetta, popping up only to look for another handout—and he’s Canadian! You’re part of the problem, Oscar.

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