Courtney Love is on the extended drum solo of her redemption song these days, spurred by her recent topless pleas to a concert audience to help her not “be controversial anymore.” First step to recapturing some semblance of normalcy: Her own reality show, which Love is hoping to develop with the help of hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur Russell Simmons. Love stopped by Simmons’ offices recently to share her ideas for Rock Chicks, a show that would find her putting together a band and acting as “the Tyra” while “mentoring girls,” because “that’s my strength.” Unfortunately for Russell Simmons’ executive assistants, she showed up three hours early for her appointment.

Fortunately for your eyes and ears, she showed up while they were filming Russell Simmons’ own reality show, Running Russell Simmons, and she proceeded to kill time by entertaining them to their visible, um, begrudging tolerance. Once Simmons arrives, however, it’s down to business—by which we mean Love telling Simmons all about the apartment she’s thinking about renting, her “funky West Village aesthetic,” her unfamiliarity with hip-hop, the difference between autocrats and plutocrats, her need to find a starter yoga class, and how she thinks Simmons should help her find her a new husband. Who wants to be Courtney Love’s husband? Shoot Russell Simmons an e-mail.

Anyway, eventually she gets around to what she came in for: singing Patti Smith’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll Ni**er” to Russell Simmons’ face. And then, out come the Mood Boards. "Fingers crossed I get a movie," Love says, shortly before pointing out "a wedding cake on fire" on her "Mood Board." Fuck that. Fingers crossed Rock Chicks actually happens. This is like The Anna Nicole Show as directed by Lars Von Trier. [Racked via Best Week Ever]