Serial host Sarah Koenig (Photo: Getty Images)

There might not be an officially official release date for the second season of Serial yet, but the podcast phenomenon already has an interesting new media partner. Pandora announced today that it would be a streaming partner for the podcast‚Äôs second season, saying that new episodes will be made available on the site each Thursday at 6 a.m. whenever the next season starts. Episodes will air on Pandora in five-minute chunks, though listeners who wish to avoid Pandora‚Äôs commercial interruptions can do so‚ÄĒfor a fee.

As Ira Glass noted in a statement, ‚Äúfor people already listening to Serial and This American Life, nothing will change. But we believe lots of people who‚Äôd like our shows simply haven‚Äôt heard them, or haven‚Äôt started listening to podcasts.‚ÄĚ Glass goes on to cite a study that says only 17 percent of Americans‚ÄĒ46 million people, roughly‚ÄĒlisten to podcasts, while Pandora‚Äôs subscriber base is about 80 million people.


[via The Associated Press]