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Serial producers respond to the prosecutor who called them out

Just yesterday, we reported that Kevin Urick—the prosecutor in the murder case covered by Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast—had given an interview to The Intercept in which he denounced the way the show presented evidence and its suggestion that Adnan Syed might not be as guilty as the court system says he is. Urick also denied Koenig’s claims that it was hard to track him down, but that he wouldn’t have talked to her anyway because of “biased reporting.”

Now, Serial’s producers have responded to Urick and The Intercept with a statement that was also posted on the official Serial Twitter account. Rather than quoting it, spending a few minutes anguishing over how we feel about it, and then talking about how we feel about it—all brought to you by Mail Caimp—we’ll just share the full statement:


The Serial Twitter then followed that statement with some smaller statements, reiterating its dedication to honest reporting:


So did Sarah Koenig really contact Urick the way she says she did? Is it possible that these people tied to the case are only speaking out now because Serial was a big deal? We’ll talk about that some more, next time…on a Newswire about Serial. Or maybe on an episode of The Serial Serial, The A.V. Club’s podcast about a podcast.

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