Serengeti and Sicker Man (Photo courtesy of label)

Chicago’s Serengeti and Berlin’s Sicker Man have collaborated a handful of times over the years, but on December 9 Graveface Records will release Doctor My Own Patience, a full on collaborative album between the pair. Today, The A.V. Club is streaming the album’s title track, a song that sees Sicker Man building a soft, sullen piano line atop which Serengeti raps about being “too anxious” and looking for a release from it all. Slowly the song transitions into a full electronic groove, expanding the song to its outermost limits before circling it all back to the ivories.

Doctor My Own Patience is available for pre-order via Graveface Records.


Serengeti tour dates

11/17—Komet—Hamburg, Germany
11/18—Rhiz—Vienna, Austria
11/19—Start The Bus—Bristol, UK
11/21—Kamio—London, UK
11/22—Empty Shop—Durham, UK