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September 23 declared David Bowie Day in Chicago

Presumed mayor-for-life Rahm Emanuel has declared September 23 David Bowie Day in Chicago, a day when all the beautiful kooks and far-out cats of the Midwest can really groove on the serpentine vibes of a moonage freakout. The event coincides with the opening of David Bowie Is… at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, a multimedia overview of Bowie’s half-century career that includes items like handwritten lyrics, photographs, original costumes, and presumably glittery underpants from Bowie’s personal archives.

David Bowie Is… has already blown minds in London, Berlin, Sao Paulo, and Toronto; the MCA stint marks the exhibition’s only U.S. date, a fact that you can bet Chicago will make into a really big deal. Festivities will include a special David Bowie-themed food and drink menu at the cafe adjoining the MCA. Residents are advised, however, to keep a close watch on their infants until David Bowie Day has passed.


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