Art: Devolver Digital

A computer game called Genital Jousting popped up on Steam this morning, and while that title might conjure up images of a certain Spaceballs scene, the reality of it is both more whimsical and more explicit. It’s a game where up to eight players controlling sentient, detached penises with little cartoon buttholes compete in various sports like soccer or wiener-dog herding, but mostly, they just slither around in silly outfits and try to penetrate each other. Even that description doesn’t quite get across how gross it is. Genital fluids spew near constantly while the phallic athletes do their thing, and all of it is scored with a skin-crawling symphony of very wet sound effects. The game’s publisher, Devolver Digital, has put out an extremely NSFW trailer so you can get a taste of the action.

Genital Jousting hails from Free Lives, the South African studio behind Broforce, and it’s currently available for $5 as part of Steam Early Access, a repository for unfinished games and half-cocked ideas. It includes online play so you can swing your cartoon penis around with strangers from all over the world, but it’s yet another game in a recent rash of releases that are built on in-person multiplayer, where a bunch of friends sit around on a couch and scream at each other over video game competitions. That’s shaping up to be a weirdly penis-obsessed genre, with games like Mount Your Friends, which features some captivating dong physics on its musclebound characters, and Push Me Pull You, where two-headed phallic monstrosities fight over a ball, getting things ready for Genital Jousting’s full-on sausage party.