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Selma Blair to play America’s needy aunt Kris Jenner on American Crime Story

Anger Management

Despite pretty much everyone wishing that O.J. Simpson would just go away, Ryan Murphy knows that a fictionalized account of Simpson’s murder trial is just what the world needs. And his list of notable actors joining the cast just increased by one uncanny look-alike. Deadline reports that Selma Blair has joined the cast of American Crime Story, where she’ll be playing the role of Kris Jenner, the ex-wife of Simpson’s lawyer and close friend Robert Kardashian.

Blair is no doubt excited to join the show, as it is a job that involves not having to be anywhere near Charlie Sheen. It’s unclear just how large a role she will play, though; Jenner was already divorced from Kardashian when the Simpson trial went forward, so it’s unlikely she’ll see a ton of screen time. Then again, if there’s one thing Kris Jenner is good at, it’s looking at any event—including 9/11—and saying, “Why isn’t this more about me?” Based on Jenner’s normal behavior, maybe Blair’s primary job will be forcibly pushing her way into the frame of wherever the camera happens to be pointed, then complaining about her lack of fair treatment in the media.


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