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Selma Blair joins Nicolas Cage’s killer parents thriller Mom And Dad

(Photo: Getty Images, Jon Kopaloff)

Earlier this year, Nicolas Cage signed on to star in Mom And Dad, a very Nicolas Cage-y movie about a mysterious mass hysteria that compels a mother and father to try and murder their children. Naturally, Cage is set to play the killer dad, and now Variety is reporting that Selma Blair will join him as the murderous mom. There’s no word on who will play the kids, but they’ll reportedly be a teenage girl and a younger brother.

Mom And Dad will be directed by Brian Taylor, who also wrote the script. Taylor is a veteran of bananas action movies, having previously worked on stuff like Crank, Gamer, and the Nic Cage-starring Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. That presumably means—in case it wasn’t obvious—that this is going to be one of those weirdo Nic Cage movies and not one of those rare, non-weirdo Nic Cage movies.


Variety says production on Mom And Dad will start “later this year,” so it’ll be a while before we see Nic Cage and Selma Blair attacking some children.

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