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Selma Blair joins Heathers

(Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Selma Blair is set to star in Heathers, but not as an actual Heather. Instead, Blair will simply be Heather-adjacent, co-starring in the upcoming TV adaptation of the Winona Ryder dark comedy classic, which has just been moved from its starting spot at TV Land over to the Paramount Network. That’s per Deadline, which notes that Blair has been cast as “the gold-digging stepmother” of Brendan Scanlan’s character, Heather Duke. Blair announced the part with an Instagram post showing her character, complete with a line riffing on one from the original film:


Blair’s been a regular fixture on TV in recent years, appearing as Kris Jenner in the first season of American Crime Story, and as Charlie Sheen’s therapist/love-interest in Anger Management (at least until critical levels of Sheen exposure sent her running for the hills). She joins a cast that includes Grace Victoria Cox in the starring role as morally complicit good girl Veronica, and a guest star role from Shannen Doherty, who starred as Heather Duke in the 1989 original.

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