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Selina bemoans her lot in life in an exclusive deleted scene from Veep season 5

Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep (Photo: HBO)

The fifth season of Veep was a pretty crappy one across the board for Selina Meyer. Now, in an exclusive deleted scene, you can see Julia Louis-Dreyfus burrowing into her character’s frustration, rattling off profane exclamations of exasperation. A highlight: “Who the fuck did I fuck in a past life to get this fucked?” The footage comes from the episode “Mother,” in which Selina’s mom dies, and she discovers that plans for winning the presidency are backfiring.

Selina watches as numbskulls Richard (Sam Richardson), Jonah (Timothy Simons), and their cohorts accidentally protest the exact opposite of what she wants to happen, after her staff forgot to tell them about a reverse of course. As she says: “Gary, it’s cocktail time.”

The complete Veep season five is out on Digital HD today, so check your favorite service.


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