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Selfie and A To Z debut on Hulu ahead of their actual premieres

It’s surprisingly difficult for traditional TV networks to connect with today’s #HipYoungPeople. They’re always too busy Snapchatting their peeps or rejecting Facebook friend requests from their relatives to actually sit down and watch something, so that means these networks have to get creative if they want to be cool. They can’t try too hard, though, because the only thing #HipYoungPeople hate more than acne is trying too hard. Or trying at all.

ABC has a good start on attracting this most insufferable of demographics by actually having a show called Selfie, but it’s still not enough. Rather than competing with the Internet, it needs to embrace the Internet. That’s why—as reported by Deadline—it’s allowing people to watch the series premiere of Selfie on Hulu right now. The show—which is a loose adaptation of My Fair Lady but with Karen Gillan and cell phones—won’t air on old-fashioned TV until September 30, giving #HipYoungPeople plenty of time to watch it on their phones in between sessions of cyberbullying.


The first episode of NBC’s A To Z is also available now on Hulu, but that show isn’t called Selfie so it doesn’t fit the whole #HipYoungPeople gag quite as well. A To Z stars Ben Feldman and How I Met Your Mother’s Cristin Milioti as a “mismatched couple who happen to fall in love,” so hopefully nothing pointlessly tragic will happen to Milioti’s character at the end of the series. If you’re one of the #DumbOldPeople, you can see A To Z on NBC on October 2. Otherwise, you can just scroll down a bit and watch it and Selfie right here:

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