In early 2014 Self Defense Family released Try Me, the band’s first proper full-length after existing in various states and under different names for a decade. The record was far from straightforward, with two chunks of a 40-minute interview inserted to the album’s tracklist, and for its upcoming second album the band hasn’t lost that ambitious streak. On June 30 Deathwish will release Heaven Is Earth, a record that saw the band go into four different studios with four different producers (Will Killingsworth, Kurt Ballou, Mark Miller, and Jon Low), with each session producing two tracks for the band’s sophomore LP. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Talia,” Heaven Is Earth’s first track, and the product of the band’s session with Miller at Sonelab.

About the video, vocalist Patrick Kindlon says, “‘Talia’ is the first single from Self Defense Family’s upcoming LP, Heaven Is Earth. The video is not so much inspired by but directly ripped off from the Talk Talk ‘It’s My Life’ music video—the best music video in human history. Eventually, we’ll do one of those ‘band playing in a warehouse’ videos. But until then, you get stock footage of animals.” Tomorrow, May 5, Deathwish will release a 7-inch single including “Talia” and the B-side “Taxying,” which is an outtake from the Heaven Is Earth sessions and exclusive to this release.

Heaven Is Earth tracklist
1. In My Defense Self Me Defend
2. Talia
3. Prison Ring
4. Ditko
5. Everybody Wants A Prize For Feeling
6. Heaven is Earth
7. Basic Skills
8. Dave Sim


Self Defense Family tour dates
June 12—The Space—Hamden, Connecticut
June 13—The Acheron—Brooklyn, New York
June 14—Metro Art Gallery—Baltimore, Maryland
Sept. 4-6—Weekender Fest—Melbourne, Australia