Over its short-yet-fertile time together Self Defense Family has routinely smashed expectations of just how many members can float in and out of a band, while also challenging listener expectations by wildly flipping between styles with little warning. This year alone Self Defense has released its debut full-length Try Me (though it was available through streaming services in late-2013), and it’s about to add a fourth EP to the year’s pile with the release of Duets. The EP‘s title comes from the album’s literal nature, as Patrick Kindlon and Caroline Corrigan double up on the vocal duties, softening Kindlon’s bark–as well as the band’s bite–in service of some of the band’s most accessible material to date.

Iron Pier records will release Duets on September 30, but The A.V. Club is premiering the EP’s alt-country by-way-of drone centerpiece, “Location Scout,“ below. Pre-orders for Duets are available now through Iron Pier.