The Girls of Silicon Valley

Much has been written about Silicon Valley’s lack of female characters in its depiction of the male-centric tech bubble found in its titular geographic location. In order to solve this issue, rather than create new multi-dimensional women on the show, why not just port over some women from an already existing and popular HBO series? JustBoobs sketch comedy group has grafted the characters of Girls onto Mike Judge’s coder-centric world and found them to be just as self-absorbed and pretentious (if not moreso) within the highly specific world of competitive coding and algorithms.

By combining some of the most quotable bits from both series and melding them into seamless rants about various programming challenges instead of amorphous hipster problems, JustBoobs has created a spot-on amalgamation of the two shows. The impressions are great, with extra credit going towards having Marnie character dressed as Peter Pan and/or the Pied Piper mascot, complete with a feather in the cap that looks like “a dick snack for later.” It’s a spot on cross-pollination that may just be the solution to solving Silicon Valley’s girl problem and Girls’ vacuity issues.