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Seinfeld2000 welcomes you to “Jery’s Computer” with high-tech simulation

(Image: Seinfeld2000, Super Deluxe, Extremely Good Shit)

At this point, it should be pretty widely known that the Seinfeld2000 Twitter account is the internet’s best source for viral-friendly content inspired by Seinfeld, Bee Movie, or whatever the hot meme of the day is. Now, the mysterious creator of Seinfeld2000 (along with Super Deluxe) has released a high-tech simulation that actually takes you into the world of Seinfeld to experience what it would’ve been like to use Jerry’s computer.


Unsurprisingly, the interactive experience is loaded with Seinfeld references, but in a nice nod to people who aren’t as obsessed with the show as Seinfeld2000 is, clicking on something like the Fusilli Jerry will actually take you to a YouTube clip explaining the reference. Then there’s the computer itself, which features a retro internet browser with links to the official Seinfeld website and Jessica Biel’s Instagram (for reasons that are sort of explained). You can also explore Jerry’s “boring tax forms” folder, read a first draft of the Bee Movie script, and empty Jerry’s trash can.

The whole thing is filtered through Seinfeld2000’s bizarro take on the classic NBC sitcom, so it’s less of a Seinfeld thing than a weird video game adaptation of a Twitter page, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. You can explore’s “Jery’s Computer” for yourself at this link.

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