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Seinfeld reimagined as a show about nothing—and hamsters

Hamsterfeld (Screenshot: Mashable)

Since 1998, loyal fans have been clamoring for NBC’s Seinfeld to return to the airwaves. That’s not likely to happen, but perhaps those fans will be sated by Hamsterfeld, an all-hamster remake of the show created for Mashable. In this minute-long video, four hamsters are allowed to roam freely through a detailed miniature version of Jerry’s apartment, having their own comic misadventures. Of course, the critters don’t actually interact with one another, so Hamsterfeld lacks the original’s narrative conflict and snappy dialogue. It lacks a lot, to be honest. Still, it does have hamsters.


In one respect, this remake remains admirably true to the spirit of the original. One of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David’s famous credos was “No hugging, no learning.” And you’ll get neither one of those things here. With their stubby limbs, these fuzzy little creatures are physically incapable of hugging each other, and with their tiny hamster brains, they are also incapable of learning.

For those yearning for more hamsters in their 1990s NBC sitcoms, Friends is also available.

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