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Seinfeld meets Rihanna’s “Work” in this completely necessary mashup

Seinfeld2000’s mission to drag everyone’s favorite “show about nothing” into the 21st century has continued unabated since January 2013. Most of the Seinfeld updates are posted to Twitter, but Seinfeld2000 also has an Instagram account worth following. It is there that fans will find a completely ridiculous and yet highly entertaining mashup of Rihanna’s recent single “Work” with Jonathan Wolff’s bass-heavy Seinfeld theme. Listeners will have to decide for themselves whether this is a harmonious marriage or an ear-splitting cacophony. Either way, it is ironic hearing the the word “work” used in any context that involves the hit NBC sitcom, since the show’s characters spent nine seasons avoiding any kind of meaningful labor. Then again, since Rihanna’s song is actually about sex, its chorus (“He said me haffi work, work, work, work, work”) could be referencing all the work Elaine Benes had to do when she was faking those orgasms.


Before abandoning the topic of Seinfeld/hip-hop collaborations, it is worth pointing out another of Seinfeld2000’s recent creations: a video montage of many of Jerry’s short-lived girlfriends set to the strains of “What These Bitches Want” by DMX. Bonus Friends points for timing the appearance of Courteney Cox to DMX saying the name Monica. Cox’s Seinfeld character was actually named Meryl, but she’ll always be Monica to her fans.

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