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Seeso renews its commitment to Take My Wife

The A.V. Club’s Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya is a big fan of Take My Wife, a fictional series based on the real marriage between comedians Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito. In her review, Upadhyaya says, “Take My Wife is the only show on television that’s centered on two women who are comics and also lesbians, but that singularity doesn’t make it niche.” And their host network—comedy-centric streaming service Seeso—apparently agrees, renewing the show for a second season to air sometime in 2017. That’s about all we know about the renewal for now, but the Seeso press release also mentions that behind-the-scenes footage is now available for each episode of season one. But between this and Esposito’s column here on The A.V. Club, it looks like every aspect of the couple’s relationship will continue to provide fodder for comedy over the next year or so. And that’s just how they like it.


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