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Seeso picks up documentary about Aubrey Plaza’s Pistol Shrimps basketball team

Of the many all-female recreational basketball teams in the Los Angeles area, The Pistol Shrimps are easily the only one that more than a handful of people can name. There are two reasons for that, with one being that comedians Matt Gourley and Mark McConville—two guys who definitely know a lot about basketball—record play-by-play commentaries for Pistol Shrimps games and release them as a podcast. The other reason is that some of the Shrimps happen to be relatively famous people who you’ve probably seen act in things, including Amanda Lund, Maria Blasucci, Angela Trimbur, and Grumpy Cat herself, Aubrey Plaza.

Now, though, even people who aren’t comedy stalkers or podcast nerds will be able to learn the story of The Pistol Shrimps thanks to a documentary made by I Am Chris Farley director Brent Hodge. This comes from Deadline, which says the documentary will follow the Shrimps’ 2015 season and focus on how “the ragtag team of trash-talking, hard fouling, wisecracking women bring an edge to the game” and “navigate their careers as writers, musicians, actors, comedians, moms, and wives.” NBC’s new streaming service Seeso has picked up the rights to the film, so it will premiere there at some point in the future.


You can see a trailer (via Deadline) and the poster for The Pistol Shrimps below:

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