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Cameron Esposito, comedian and erstwhile A.V. Club columnist, has teamed up with budding streaming service Seeso on her first standup special—and an original series. The two-hour special, titled Marriage Material, was directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and shot just two days before Esposito married fellow comic Rhea Butcher in Chicago. Esposito, who’s dubbed Marriage Material her “bachelorette party,” will tackle marriage equality, gun control, drug policy and “why love is alive” when the special debuts on Seeso on March 24.

And, in keeping with the marital theme, Seeso announced that Take My Wife, an original series it’s been developing with Esposito and Butcher, will also premiere later this year. The half-hour, single-cam comedy will see the couple seemingly mine their newly-wedded bliss for material for their underground standup showcase. Esposito and Butcher will executive produce the six-episode series with Scott Aukerman and David Jargowsky. In the interim, here’s a sneak peek at Marriage Material, in which Esposito explains why she’ll stick to protecting herself with knives instead of guns.

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