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See your name in the Legion credits with the Legionizer

Screengrab: Legion

Stephen Firrincieli is a senior in the University Of North Carolina Computer Science program, and he already has a heck of a start on his senior project. Like many of us, he’s a fan of the FX show Legion, so he created a React app called the Legionizer; basically, if you’ve longed to see your own name in the bizarro world of Legion, Firrincieli’s app makes that possible. To kick things off, he inserted the AVC staff into the Legion credits, even spelling some of our trickiest names correctly:


He tells us:

I’m a big fan of Legion and its credits have always been interesting to me. So I thought it would be fun if there was a site that would let people make those credits with their friends or whoever’s names and then share the link with each other. If you go to the homepage at http://www.legionizer.com/ you can make Legion credits for whatever you want (not just AVC staff!).

He even includes the source code, which is pretty nice of him. Kudos, Stephen! We suspect you’re off to a bright post-graduate future.

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