Headlines have been blaring “Usher Kicked In The Face By Female Fan” since yesterday, but the promise of seeing the R&B loverman get some sort of karmic comeuppance for ditching his wife or loosing Justin Bieber on the world or the lyrics to “OMG” has mostly been dashed by the rather lackluster reveal that it was all just an accident. And a pretty minor one at that, judging by this fan-shot footage. Performing "Trading Places" at Madison Square Garden, Usher brings a lady on stage to recline with him on his babymaking couch, then takes her in his arms while she awkwardly grinds against him. Then she attempts to flip herself around and continue this on-stage frottage cowgirl-style, but in the process she hits him in the face with her big-ass heel. Then she apologizes profusely while Usher plays it off with, “We play rough in bed,” then he gets right back to business. Really, this is more of an “Adequate Job, Internet,” but here it is anyway. [via Buzzfeed]