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See the pitch deck an influencer used to try and get sponsors for her "surprise" engagement

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The world of Instagram influencers can be a trip. It’s a vortex of luxurious lives, handcrafted and monetized for maximum engagement. It’s how they make their living, and, hey, props to them for securing their bags by being beautiful. But one influencer, we’d wager, took things a bit far when her “surprise” engagement turned out to also be a carefully crafted ploy for a #sponcon proposal and wedding. How was this discovered? Well, a pitch deck was sent out before she was even proposed to.


The influencer in question, Marissa Casey Fuchs, is a self-proclaimed “well-placed fashion blogger” who had over 160,000 followers as of June 20. Within a day, she amassed nearly 200,000 in a day. That’s likely due to the attention generated by a new piece about the not-so-surprise proposal in The Atlantic. As reporter Taylor Lorenz explained on Twitter, Fuchs is the director of brand partnerships at Goop—Gwyneth Paltrow’s hippy-dippy wellness brand—so she knows more than a thing or two about getting free things from luxury brands in exchange for promotion on her platform. And her pitch sought to “offer your brand the opportunity to align with this momentous occasion.” See the full, hilarious pitch deck here.

As seen in a recent Instagram story, Fuchs and Grossman had a “10-minute” engagement followed by a Parisian wedding with a small gathering of family. She seems to be shaking off the criticism, which is most certainly growing. But she’s also not the first influencer to do this, and certainly won’t be the last considering how many followers she’s gained. So, another day, another moment where an influencer does something non-fluencers find kinda wacky. C’est la vie(w).

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