The Hunger Games: Catching FireĀ came out this past weekend to positive reviews and massive box office success.Ā  To catch people up on the story before it came out, YouTube mainstay Cinefix reimagined the original Hunger Games movie as a top-down Zelda-style action game, complete with bow-and-arrow sharpshooting, tinny soundtrack, and communication via text box.Ā  Watch it below.Ā 

The filmmaker behind the 8-bitĀ Hunger Games, David Dutton, has made a whole host of 8-bit film adaptations, including a side-scrolling beat-em-up version ofĀ Thor, a Japanese RPG riff onĀ Anchorman, and a LucasArts-y adventure game take onĀ The Shining.Ā  Check out the complete listĀ here.