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While Jurassic Park IV remains, as ever, suspended in the amber of development as it's handed off to yet another screenwriter, a Reddit user (via Badass Digest) has unearthed an interesting fossil record that's quickly evolved into all-out Internet chaos, and other Jurassic Park-related puns. The photos above and below are pieces of concept art intended to bring to life a version of the script from John Sayles, one that would have featured a commando unit of super-smart human-dinosaur hybrids specially trained for capturing drug dealers and rescuing kidnapped children, because fuck everything else about Jurassic Park up to that point.

And while a script review from Ain't It Cool News written in the days when such things were considered important ended up convincing the studio that, just perhaps, a team of dinosaur-human mercenaries was a weird place for the Jurassic Park franchise to go—leaving that idea free for Lionsgate to claim it as The Expendables—they came to this decision only after they got pretty far along in the sketching process. And thus, here's what those dinosaur soldiers would have looked like, even as The Amazing Spider-Man's The Lizard apparently already gave you a pretty good idea. It seems that even though they're all supposed to be super-smart, only Danzigosaur had the wherewithal to put on pants. He must be their leader.


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