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Have you seen The Guest yet? For genre fans, it’s a treat—our own A.A. Dowd compared it to Halloween, The Terminator, and Drive. If that sounds appealing, this weekend is the perfect time thanks to a Twitter promotion that allows movie-goers to download the film’s soundtrack for free.


There’s some light Twitter involved—first you have to tweet a picture of your ticket stub dated between Friday, September 26 and Sunday, September 28 with the hashtag #TheGuest, then follow @TheGuestUSA to receive a direct message with a download code. That download code will get you a copy of the soundtrack, which is packed with the ‘80s goth music favored by Anna (Maika Monroe) in the movie. A full track list is below, and the fine print can be found here.

1. Haunted When The Minutes Drag – Love and Rockets (8:01)

2. Hourglass – Survive (4:30)

3. Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version) – Annie (4:14)

4. The Magician – Mike Simonetti (3:59)

5. Masquerade – Clan Of Xymox (3:53)

6. Omniverse – Survive (4:34)

7. Because I Love You (The Postman Song) – Stevie B (5:03)

8. Storm Column – Gatekeeper (3:30)

9. A Day – Clan Of Xymox (6:40)

10. Emma – Sisters Of Mercy (6:34)

11. Obsidian – Gatekeeper (4:19)

12. Cry In The Wind – Clan Of Xymox (5:16)

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