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See the Greendale Seven as video game characters in these exclusive Community finale images

The recent renewal of Community assured that any goodbye would be only temporary, but still, there is a note of finality to Thursday's wrap-up of the season, not least because one of the three episodes airing that night is titled "Introduction To Finality." But even though the final three chapters of the third season thankfully don't have to double as the last you'll ever see of the series, we do have to say farewell for at least a little while—to the show, yes, but more importantly, to the "exclusive" previews we have so cynically mined to milk pageviews from fans.

So with a heavy heart, here is what will likely prove to be our last Community-related Newswire for a little while, at least until all our worst fears about Dan Harmon possibly leaving the show come true or Chevy Chase runs over someone with his car. It's a couple of images from the "Digital Estate Planning" finale featuring the Greendale Seven rendered as characters in a video game, which they'll play against Giancarlo Esposito in a quest to secure Pierce's inheritance. Now if you'll excuse us, the room suddenly got very dusty and unexploitable.


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