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Joana Scanlan and Lily Newmark in Pin Cushion
Photo: Cleopatra Entertainment

Pin Cushion, the debut feature from British writer-director Deborah Haywood, marks the debut of an exciting new talent. On the surface, it appears to be trading in the sort of gently surrealist eccentricity upon which Wes Anderson has built his career. But upon further inspection you’ll find that Haywood’s vision is far darker and more bittersweet than it appears, dealing with isolation, abuse, bullying, and mental health with an approach that’s both delicate and uncompromising. As we put it in our original festival review: “Pin Cushion’s eccentric craft-fair aesthetic is ultimately protective cushioning wrapped around a broken heart.”

We’re debuting an exclusive clip from the film below, in which new girl in school Iona (Lily Newmark)—who just moved to a small British city with her mom Lyn (Joanna Scanlan), a disabled outcast who prefers her isolated life of crocheting and cat statuettes to the often unwelcoming outside world—daydreams about being accepted by the tough-talking, tobacco-vaping popular girls at her school.

Pin Cushion is now playing in select theaters in the U.K., with a nationwide expansion planned throughout July; it opens in select American theaters today, Friday, July 20.


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