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[Spoilers for Stranger Things 3.]

Scripts are just words on a paper, but the better they’re written the more alive they can become when performed. Even so, it’s quite fascinating when you can see a scene side-by-side with its source material. The Twitter account Screenplayed does just that, and one of their latest videos explores one of the best scenes in the latest season of Stranger Things: The moment when Steve expresses his feelings for Robin, only for it to turn into a coming-out story instead.


The scrolling screenplay in the above video slows down or speeds up, depending on the pace of the scene. Also, seeing directional cues like one line “[hitting] Robin like a sledgehammer” and or a stare that simply “continues” set against the actual moments allows the viewer deeper insight into the actors’ process. When the script says for Steve to “recalibrate” the information that Robin is gay, it’s kind of hilarious to witness the way Joe Keery sends Steve’s brain into overdrive.

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