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See Michael Cera’s cameo as the coolest dude in Twin Peaks

(Photo: Getty Images, J. Kempin)

The town of Twin Peaks is unlike anywhere else, so naturally it has different standards for what counts as “cool” or “weird.” In a lot of other small towns, Dale Cooper’s weird philosophies and eagerness to believe in murderous spirits would be strange, but in Twin Peaks, he’s basically a superstar. No matter where you go, though, the character that Michael Cera is playing in Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival would be unbelievably cool. He makes his debut in the fourth episode (which is now available through Showtime’s website and on demand), and Vulture has a clip of Cera’s cameo that must be seen to be believed:


As you can see, he’s playing none other than Wally, son of Andy and Lucy. The first episode of the revival noted that he shares a birthday with Marlon Brando, and Wally has clearly taken his connection to that iconic rebel to heart by fashioning himself into a real-life motorcycle-riding badass. Frank Truman—the brother of the original show’s Harry S. Truman—doesn’t seem particularly impressed, but it should be clear to the audience that Wally is a totally awesome guy who has very politely decided to allow his parents to redecorate his childhood bedroom. What a rad dude.

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