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See John Hodgman and Adam Savage go incognito as a pair of Chewbaccas

Screenshot: YouTube

Now that San Diego Comic-Con has turned into an overcrowded marketing festival, there’s no easy way for nerdy celebrities to take part in the nerdy fun. Any moderately famous person who steps onto the main floor at Comic-Con runs the risk of being swarmed by fans demanding signatures, selfies, and who knows what else. This has led many celebrities to hide behind masks so they can blend in with the numerous other cosplayers and shop for action figures like a regular Joe.

Unsatisfied with simply donning a Spiderman mask or a Stormtrooper’s helmet, former MythBusters host Adam Savage always takes his cosplay game to the next level, often walking the floor in massive custom-made costumes that completely conceal his identity. This year, Savage was joined by comedian John Hodgman as they disappeared into the rabble of San Diego as a pair of dueling Chewbaccas.

Of course, no matter where you are in the galaxy, there’s almost no celebrity more recognizable than Chewy. The 7-foot hirsute duo spent the afternoon posing for photos, giving high-fives, and growling for fans’ enjoyment. And while he maybe didn’t get a chance to shop in privacy, Hodgman was smiling ear to ear at the thought of making so many people’s days. Check out the end of the video to hear about the construction of the screen-accurate Chewbacca suit and all the other cool stuff happening on Savage’s YouTube channel Tested.


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