Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Everyone’s got a Game Of Thrones theory. Cast members have theories. There’s the obvious ones, the crazy ones, the silly ones, and the ones that turned out to be true (well, mostly).

The theories have gotten so widespread and convoluted that some developers decided to save everybody some time and conjure all remaining theories themselves. “Theories Are Coming” is a fan theory generator that posits any number of prominent characters as the answer to some of the show’s most pressing questions. Simply mix and match the character with the topic and find an (occasionally cogent, mostly ludicrous) explanation.


Could Tyrion actually be dead? Could Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish have orchestrated the Red Wedding? Is Podrick Payne a time-traveling Bran? Let’s see what the fan theory generator says:

A few years into the future, Bran is the last surviving human. This happened because Cersei’s troops defeated Dany’s invasion and killed the dragons, paving the way for the White Walkers to prevail. Bran realizes that the one person who could have changed the course of history was Tyrion Lannister who died at the Battle Of The Blackwater. Bran went back in time as Podrick Payne to save Tyrion’s life so that the Imp would cross the Narrow Sea and mastermind Dany’s invasion and eventual victory.

Sure, why not! As our own president has demonstrated, you can create a theory out of anything if you disregard history, logic, and common sense.


[via iO9]