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For two seasons now, Cobra Kai has carried on the story of The Karate Kid, using a mix of surprisingly smart humor and sudsy teen dramatics—not to mention the ongoing, if-only-they-could-come-together rivalry between Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence. Now, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released a special limited collector’s edition of the first two seasons of the series, and it’s packed with all the usual goodies: gag reel, bonus scenes, special features about the making of the show, and more. (Including a double-sided headband, for those who want to get their karate on.) In the exclusive clip below, taken from a feature about the easter eggs dropped throughout the YouTube series, you’ll see how Cobra Kai paid tribute to The Karate Kid by highlighting a callback to the original mini-golf course where Daniel and Elizabeth Shue’s Ali went on their first date. Cobra Kai seasons one and two comes out today.

Alex McLevy is a writer and editor at The A.V. Club, and would kindly appreciate additional videos of robots failing to accomplish basic tasks.

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