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See how beautifully Alison Brie dances the Charleston, and imagine she is doing it all for you

Like a modern-day Nora trapped in the Doll's House that is the Internet, here is Alison Brie dancing for you—not the tarantella, nor the Dougie, which she charmingly claims she is unfamiliar with, being the guileless, old-fashioned sort of girl you fell in love with. No, she dances the Charleston, dances as if her life were at stake, dances to amuse you, so that you will continue to love her. In between, of course, she does a photo shoot for Nylon For Guys that pretty much negates the need for her to try so hard. Still, she is your twittering skylark, your little squirrel, your doll-wife, the Internet nothing but her playroom. So watch her play the fairy and dance on a moonbeam for you, Torvald. [via Reddit]

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