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Illustration for article titled See Fake Pink Floyd On Carnival Cruise: The Great Gig In The Sea

Do you like overpriced fruity drinks? Seasickness? Imitation rock bands? Then you should know that "Great Gig In The Sea" is about to set sail, and at present is only 70% booked. The tribute act Think Floyd USA will be on-board for a special Carnival Cruise leaving May 1st, en route to the Bahamas and a party at the Hard Rock Café Nassau. Think Floyd will be performing nightly, starting with an acoustic set as the ship leaves port, and culminating in a full performance of Dark Side Of The Moon. (Or perhaps that should be Bark Side Of The Loon, or some similarly not-as-clever-as-it-sounds tribute-band twist.) In between sets by the band ("the number one touring production of Pink Floyd in the country"), the cruise will feature the usual mix of fine dining, gambling, swimming, shore excursions, and trying to find ways to ironically enjoy genuine leisure.


More details available here.

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