This year you finally don’t have to trek out to Manchester, Tennessee and fraternize with the mud people to see all of Bonnaroo’s usually awesome comedy acts. That’s because Comedy Central has graciously stepped up to stream them via a three-hour webcast on June 12 at its website, allowing you to see H. Jon Benjamin host a roster that includes Eugene Mirman (it’s like a real-life Bob’s Burgers), Lewis Black, Donald Glover, Cheech Marin, John Waters, Henry Rollins, Tig Notaro, the cast of FX’s The League, Hannibal Buress, and the Henson Alternative Stuffed And Unstrung puppet show, all from the comfort of your sex swing, which is where we assume you look at things on the Internet. And if you really wanted to recreate the Bonnaroo experience, just hire some local dumpster divers to come fill your house with beer farts, then yell “Wooooo!” to convey their familiarity with random things comedians happen to mention while they’re trying to set up a joke. (Nah, just kidding; festivals are awesome places to see comedy.)