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With yesterday’s announcement of a new video game featuring Jason Voorhees coming from Gun Media came plenty of reminiscing about how awful the 1989 NES version of Friday The 13th was (and, for some masochists, how much fun the game was to play). But the announcement of a new Jason video game also turned into a lucky bit of marketing for the band Videogram and its latest single, “Voorhees Stomp.”


“Voorhees Stomp” combines the 1989 LJN video game with the plot of Jason Takes Manhattan in a tribute to one of the most legendary mama’s boys this side of Norman Bates; in the video, Videogram smartly combines nostalgia for both the obsolete formats of 8-bit video games and VHS. Why it appropriates one of the least popular movies in the Friday The 13th saga—which is impressive in a film series that includes Friday The 13th: A New Beginning—will remain a mystery. But Videogram’s synth tune has a groovy beat, including a sample from Friday The 13th Part III’s disco influenced theme, that even a lumbering, deformed, hillbilly with an Oedipus complex can dance to. The kills are also faithful to Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes A Trip On The Love Boat And Ends Up In A New York That Looks Remarkably Like Vancouver For Twenty Minutes, including Julius boxing Jason on top of a building and J.J. experiencing death by Flying-V. The image of an 8-Bit Jason Voorhees cutting a rug underneath a disco ball makes the video worth a watch all by itself.

The latest single comes from Videogram’s album Pre-Cert, which will be released on (duh!) Friday, November 13th. The band’s Camp Blood EP, a limited edition 10” picture disc, and download is coming in December.

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