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See a ranking of the top 1,000 comedians—sort of

Screenshot: Twitter

Lists are the lifeblood of the internet, an endlessly renewable resource of content, argumentation, and opinion. Lists can be specific, timely, canonical, problematic, important, and bad, often at the same time. They are almost always fun, if only to disagree with them.

As Splitsider notes, L.A. comedian Zach Broussard loves lists, but rather than stopping at 50 or even 100 of the best working comedians, he ranks a full one thousand of them. In 2014, the list appeared in a straightforward, comically long scroll on Tumblr. Last year, he formatted them all to one entry per page, mimicking those hellish picture gallery lists that force curious parties to click through dozens (or hundreds, in this case) of separate pages in order to figure out what is at the top.


The website for 2015 has now been updated for 2016, and fortunately there are only 10 pages. Unfortunately, they contain no comedians’ names—just screenshots of locations in Los Angeles where curious parties can hightail it in person to feast upon the delicious, delicious content. The text throughout the site pokes fun at online “information-gap” copy, claiming that a trip to the billboard at 1614 Schrader Boulevard “will literally blow your mind!” for example, or that “you simply can’t miss” comics 300 to 201, on display at 1062 North Grower Street. Or, as Broussard said on Twitter:

Broussard also says on Twitter that the project cost him $3,000, a sum he gained during his fake comedy fest earlier this year. No word yet on whether comedian Rich Vos—who was sadistically left out of the previous two year’s editions—made the cut.

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