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Second wave of Riot Fest headliners includes System Of A Down and Weezer

We already knew most of the musical acts attending this year’s Riot Fest events in Denver, Chicago, and Toronto, but a few of the performers’ names were obscured by tantalizing rows of question marks on the official posters. Sure, seeing Snoop Dogg perform all of Doggystyle would be exciting, as would seeing Faith No More and No Doubt, but who are the mystery guests? Maybe it’ll be the surviving Beatles getting together and performing all of Doggystyle? That’s the beauty of replacing a handful of band names with question marks. They could represent anything you want!

Now we know what they actually represent, though, and it’s System Of A Down, The Prodigy, Weezer (performing Pinkerton and their self-titled “Blue Album”), and a handful of other bands. As far as we know, none of them will be performing Doggystyle straight through, but System Of A Down is pretty good on its own. Riot Fest will be hitting Denver’s National Western Complex on August 28-30, Chicago’ Douglas Park on September 11-13, and Toronto’s Downsview Park on September 19-20. You can see the full, question mark-free posters for all three below.


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