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Sebastian Stan, Jimmy Fallon
Screenshot: The Tonight Show

Note: This article will not contain spoilers about Avengers: Engame, mainly because Sebastian Stan apparently had no idea what he was filming most of the time.

On Wednesday’s Tonight Show, Sebastian Stan revealed that appearing as he does as the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes for some unique acting challenges. Forbidden from talking about even the smallest plot details of a movie you’re in means doing days upon days of press in a small room with an unending parade of entertainment journalists all asking the same questions you can’t, under any circumstances, answer. Luckily for Stan, he’s traditionally been paired up with fellow Avenger and Falcon, Anthony Mackie, as the Captain America sidekicks amuse themselves, at least. Showing clips from a junket for Civil War, Stan told how he and Mackie have made up an imaginary, aphorism-spouting friend named (something like) “Nishka” whose bon mots such as “You never know what’s in another man’s pants” serve to illuminate whatever point the two straight-faced class clowns try to put over on unsuspecting interviewers.

Stan also confirmed that Winter Soldier and Falcon will continue their shenanigans after Avengers: Endgame finishes raking in all the money on Earth, as the superheroic odd couple are spinning off into a TV series called, appropriately enough, Falcon And The Winter Soldier. (Look for it after the launch of Disney+, yet another goddamned streaming service you’ll have to shell out for in this new media landscape designed to nickel-and-dime everyone to death.) As to what the show will be about, Stan—shocker—can’t tell us anything. Still, the actor told Fallon that the state-secrets-worthy spoiler security surrounding all this Marvel madness isn’t just for the fans. Told he needed to show up on set along with all of his Endgame cast members in formal (not spandex) dress one day “for a wedding,” Stan, looking around, sussed out that the two people not on set that day must be the ones getting married. You know, because why else would all of the Avengers but two show up together wearing all black.


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