Wayward Pines

As reported by Deadline, some more details are coming in about the second season of Wayward Pines, M. Night Shyamalan’s “event series” on Fox that is really just turning into more of a normal series. We already reported that Djimon Hounsou and Jason Patric would be joining the cast, and that Melissa Leo would be returning, but now we know that a bunch more people from season one will be there as well. The most notable of them is Terrence Howard, who will be reprising his role as Sheriff Arnold Pope, but—deep breath—Hope Davis, Toby Jones, Shannyn Sossamon, Tim Griffin, Charlie Tahan, Carla Gugino, and Tom Stevens will all still be there as well.

However, in a shocking twist that’s appropriate for a Shyamalan show, Fox released more Wayward Pines news than that. Deadline also says that season two of the show will premiere on Wednesday, May 25. That should give you plenty of time to burn through everything else on your DVR so there’s nothing left to distract you when Wayward Pines premieres.