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Season two of American Gods sure looks more approachable in this new trailer

For nearly the entire first season, Starz’s American Gods operated on some pretty straightforward dramatic irony: We as viewers recognize that these fantastical people that Ricky Whittle’s Shadow Moon encounters on his cross-country adventure with are literal gods, and his new pal Mr. Wednesday is trying to round some of them up in hopes of diminishing the influence of newer (supposedly) more evil gods, but Shadow never really puts any of that together until the final moments of the season when Wednesday gets a big speech revealing that he is, in fact, famous one-eyed dad-god Odin (like from the Thor movies!).


With the show’s second season finally coming in March, Starz seems far less interested in obfuscating, well, anything. This new trailer, featuring narration from Ian McShane’s Wednesday, lays out the entire premise and reintroduces some of the Old and New deities we met last season, along with a more direct acknowledge of the “American” part of the name American Gods. Is this more straightforward approach because of the behind-the-scenes nightmare that American Gods has become since its first season ended in 2017, with showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green abruptly leaving and replacement showrunner Jesse Alexander supposedly doing such a poor job that McShane and Starz essentially forced him out as well?

We won’t really know until March 10, but hey, at least American Gods is coming back in some form.

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