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Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to feature Kimmy’s mom, maybe more Daddy’s Boy

She’s alive, dammit: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt viewers will meet Kimmy’s mom in season two, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But who will play the woman who was so upset by her daughter’s disappearance that she consented to wed the dimmest law-enforcement officer in Durnsville, Indiana? “Joan Cusack played my mom in the series finale of The Office which was amazing,” Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper said at an Emmy event for the series. “I’m not going to name any other woman because what if a woman gets insulted that I said they could play my mom? So I’ll just name my mom, Dotty Kemper.” (Perhaps the original chica hamburguesa, Wendy Thomas, is available? She has onscreen experience!)

One parental role that’s already cast, and could get more screentime next season: Daddy’s Boy’s Daddy, the third-weirdest character Jefferson Mays has played in the past year and co-star of a beloved Kimmy Schmidt cutaway gag. “I think we all want to see more Daddy’s Boy, whether it’s Kimmy and Titus seeing more of the movie or something like that,” executive producer Jack Burditt told THR, explicitly ignoring the objections of Robert Osborne. But if Burditt and company can’t work that in, there’s always hope for a prequel, Daddy’s Boy’s Daddy’s Daddy.

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