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[The following contains some spoilers for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon.]

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan just hit Amazon on Friday, but The Hollywood Reporter evidently spent its Labor Day weekend celebrating the labors of John Krasinski, because it’s already asking co-showrunners Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland for more information about the show’s next season (which Amazon already ordered months ago). For starters, they told THR that season two will have a totally new plot, since that is usually how TV seasons work, but also that the end of the finale—when Wendell Pierce’s James Greer tells Jack Ryan to come to Russia—doesn’t necessarily mean that Russia is going to be a big villain in the new season. Basically, it sounds like they just wanted a way to shake up the dynamic between Jack and Greer, and having everybody jet off to Russia was the way to do it.


As for the real plot, Cuse says season two will be a “political thriller in South America” that is also “an allegory for the decline of democracy.” We don’t know what that specifically means, but maybe—maybe—we might actually get a story where the U.S. government isn’t the one true savior of humanity. That seems a little unlikely, partly because Tom Clancy himself leaned to the right, but Cuse and Roland at least recognize in the THR interview that the decline of democracy is legitimate concern in the world today.

Anyway, we just hope season two finds room for Jack Ryan’s old buddy Dwight Schrute to make an appearance.

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