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Search Party gets a 4th season and a move to HBO Max

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It’s been nearly two years since we last saw Alia Shawkat and her Search Party friends, and a year and a half since we heard about the show getting a third season, but accidental murderer Dory is making up for lost time with a pair of big announcements. First off, Search Party is getting a fourth season, which is surprising since that third season still has not aired, and also the show will be moving from TBS to WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service. The third season will be available at launch, which is supposed to happen at some point in April, but hopefully we won’t have to wait another two years after that for the fourth season to premiere. In a press release, executive producers Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers promise that you can have your HBO Max subscription fee back if you don’t “love” the two new seasons, and though they walk that back and say it’s a joke, we see no reason why you shouldn’t do your best to hold them to it.

If you can remember far enough back, Search Party’s second season ended with Dory getting arrested for the murder that she committed at the end of season one, and season three is apparently going to be about her and her friends in “the trial of the century.” There’s also a mention of Dory’s sanity beginning to “fracture,” which we saw a bit of in the second season, so things will mostly likely continue to go off the rails for these unfortunate hip New Yorkers. Also, in case it’s not clear: This is a comedy show. Seriously, it has jokes and stuff!

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